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Fear not! We are NOT asking for a donation of any kind, but we do need your help.

Because this is a low-cost, passion-project built solely out of the desire to help US expat missionaries and other limited-income expats deal with the many financial hurdles we face, we would so appreciate your help in the following ways (more or less in order of importance):

1. Spread the word: Tell every US expat you know about this blogsite. We have no budget for advertising, so you are our advertising! We can’t help people who don’t know we exist.

  • Click LIKE, TWEET, EMAIL, SHARE, etc. on every page you appreciate
  • If you are on Facebook, please go to the Vagabond Finances page and “LIKE” it, “INVITE” others to Like it, and SHARE a post or two
  • Similarly, you could “FRIEND” our webmaster and primary blogger who goes by “Mark Mason” and “Suggest” him to friends who are US expats

2. Contribute Content: You don’t have to be an expert to tell your experience in buying a home, adding outside income while on the field, finding a cheaper college, or saving money on credit cards.

  • Write an article in your name or under a pen name. Write to Mark Mason on our site or on Facebook to tell him what you’re working on
  • Comment at the end of our posts and on our Facebook page. Even if it is just to say, “Great idea!” or “Interesting. Thanks!”, it still helps

3. Use our links: Mark is personally funding this site, all bloggers have donated their content, and we have not accepted advertisers. To keep this up, we need to have people use the tools we recommend. What we have done is this:

First, we made a list of Tools and Resources we already use and love.

Second, we asked those websites and services if they offered perks for you or for us. Less than half did. Even if they didn’t, we kept them on the list because our goal was to help others not to collect bonuses.

Using our links will never cost you anything more, but we hope it will eventually pay for web hosting, our domain name, etc.

I can't hear you
So you’ll help? I can’t hear you.

4. Be encouraging: Sometimes we get heat from people who don’t think polite people should be talking about money or because we say things (especially about taxes) that they don’t agree with or just don’t want to hear. If you disagree with something, please let Mark know for our consideration, but there is no reason to post publicly or to be harsh.

And thank you for your interest, your support, and for not “making us beg”!

“Mark Mason & Co.”


Mark Mason

Missions is my calling. Finances is my hobby. Helping you is my pleasure. "Mark" is my ultra-ego.