“A penny saved is a penny earned!”

As we see on the page “Saving for…”, we need to avoid becoming “pound foolish and penny wise.” In other words, we’ve got to be smarter with the big goals (like a British pound sterling) than with the little methods that save us a “penny” here or there. While our savings goals are more important than the small saving techniques we’ll discuss here, the truth is that “a penny saved [really and truly] is a penny earned.”

While a lot of the “saving pennies” ideas are for people that reside only in the US, that doesn’t mean that we missionaries and nonprofit workers are totally left out in the cold. Sometimes we need to wait for a furlough to stock up on cheap kids clothing, sometimes we’ve got to play a little extra phone tag to get approved for a credit card, and all the time we’ve got to watch out for hidden fees for those of us who live in a foreign country, but saving a buck or even $300 or $400 as I’ll show you below can be a lot of fun and a real boost toward what you are saving for.

Here are some of the things I’ve seen savings on:

Mark Mason

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